Ethical outsourcing


We make no secret of the fact that a large proportion of our work is carried out by our team in India. Outsourcing is sometimes associated with ethically unsound practices. Unfortunately, there are cases where western companies have exploited their own employees, or employees of other companies in their supply chains, in order to minimise costs and maximise profit.


For Ondora, any kind of exploitation is completely unacceptable. Our team in India consists of highly qualified accountants who have a wide range of opportunities in their local job market. In order to attract the best employees, we pay above the market rate and attract new staff by offering attractive working conditions. Clearly, the success of our business model depends on a close, positive and long-term relationship with our staff. However, we want to go further. We aim to achieve the highest ethical standards for our company.


We are working towards the GoodCorporation Standard, set out by the Institute of Business Ethics based in the UK. The GoodCorporation Standard sets out a number of principles for the following groups of stakeholders:

  • - Employees
  • - Customers
  • - Suppliers and subcontractors
  • - Community and environment
  • - Shareholders or other providers of finance
  • - Management commitment


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In the coming months we will be setting out a step-by-step plan for achieving the GoodCorporation Standard. Please revisit this page to see what progress we are making.


We will also be explaining how we intend to improve the sustainability of our business, and how we will help our customers to improve the sustainability of their businesses too.

Range of services

    Invoice processing
    General accounting and book keeping
    VAT declaration
    Management reporting

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Ethical outsourcing

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