What kind of saving can be expected from your services?

Compared to a typical small accounting firm in the Britain, our clients can expect a fee saving of 30-40%. For clients that use our dedicated accountant service, there are additional savings from avoided desk space, computer equipment and other overheads.


Why is your solution different to that of other accountants?

Most British accountancy firms use British staff to process their accounts. We have a team of Indian accountants to do this work.They cost our clients less and, in our experience, perform better.

Most accountancy outsourcing firms do not have a base in Britain. We believe that only a part of the accounting function should be outsourced. We also believe that most clients prefer to deal with a UK company. Therefore, unlike our outsourcing competitors, we have a team of British accountants to deal with annual returns, tax returns, tax advice and communication with HMRC ... and to make sure that everything is working smoothly.

Can your accountants come to our office for induction training in our systems?

Normally, our accountants go through the process of familiarisation with your company systems online and a site visit is not required. However, if your business processes are particularly complex or if you would like to have a personal contact with a member of our accounting team, a representative can come to your office for training in your systems. This is not part of our standard service and Ondora will need to charge for the time spent, as well as travel, accommodation and daily subsistence at cost.


What is offshoring?

Moving work to another country, often to reduce costs of labour or taxation.


What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing involves contracting out work that was previously performed by a company. Typcially outsourcing applies to non-core business, so accounting and administrative functions are examples of the kind of work that may be outsourced.


What is insourcing?

Insourcing involves contracting in work that was previously performed by a company. Typically insourcing applies to core-business, so strategic planning and management are examples of the kind of work that may be insourced. Insourced personnel often work on site and are closely integrated in the company.

Range of services

    Invoice processing
    General accounting and book keeping
    VAT declaration
    Management reporting

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Ethical outsourcing

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