What are the operational implications for our clients?


At the most basic level, we need access to financial data (invoices payable, invoices receivable, and bank statements). This means that we need documents and receipts scanned using whatever technology is available to the client: from high speed document scanners to iPhone scanning apps.


We also need approval of our clients to outputs prior to submission to statutory authorities.


The extent of further input depends on how hands-on a client wishes to be. We are completely flexible about the input we provide and will integrate our processes with those of our clients.


For general accounting services


We typically contact our clients on a monthly basis, to discuss invoice queries and notify of updates to their accounts on the Xero "cloud accounting" software. We work in the background, but are always available for a discussion, and do not charge extra for conversations with our clients.


Our clients can access Xero over the internet whenever they like and are always able to see the state of their business finances, including incoming and outgoing payments, monthly cash flow and VAT reports.


For dedicated accountant services


Our dedicated accountants work in exactly the same way as a company employee would work from home. Our accountants are available for direct contact in the mornings (UK time), face-to-face via Skype. They will typically
access financial data in a client's system via a secure internet connection on a daily basis.


The dedicated accountants will enter new data from scanned paper records directly into the client's system. The accountants may control the invoices, for example by checking them against contractual documentation held on the system, or checking for sources of error, such as part-payment or double booking of the same invoice.


Depending on the accounting system used, a scanned copy of the invoice can be attached to the related booking in the accounting module. This means the invoice can be viewed at the click of a mouse; no more hassle searching archives to look for the paper invoice!


For data analysis and reporting, the accountants will extract data from the in-house system, process them and finally present them in a format specified by the client. We can assist where our clients need to enhance their reporting, for example creating metrics that provide new information on suppliers or customers.


Data security


Ondora takes the protection of its clients' data very seriously. To minimise risk, we do not hold client records on our server or PCs. Instead, we use a high speed broadband connection and one of the following approaches:


- If we use the Xero accounting software, we rely on Xero's excellent secure data storage, and regular back up services. For more information click here.

- If we are logging into a client's intranet system, we use the client's own system for remote access or, where security is
a high priority, establish a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection
(for which a small additional charge applies).


The level of access we have to a client's system remains under the complete control of our client. Password access need only be given for those parts of the system that contain the accounting data required for processing. Sensitive information, such as personal data, remains inaccessible
and secure.


As recent incidents in the UK have highlighted, the biggest risk to data security is the transfer of client data onto lap-tops and memory sticks. Such actions are prohibited by Ondora: our accountants may only work on the company network in our Indian office when processing client data.




One question interested parties may have is: "how can we be sure that our sensitive financial information will be safe with your accountants?" We treat the issue of confidentiality very seriously. All our employees are bound by the terms of their employment contracts, which set out clear requirements concerning data handling and client confidentiality. The form
of contract we have adopted for our clients reflects these requirements.


Quality control

A client manager is always available in Great Britain or in Switzerland to resolve any problems regarding quality of service. Our policy is for the client manager to visit clients annually, in order to get feedback on our performance and ensure that our high standards of service continue to improve.

Range of services

    Invoice processing
    General accounting and book keeping
    VAT declaration
    Management reporting

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