Set up


There are a number of matters we discuss in detail with our clients before any commitment on their part. These are relatively simple to deal with, but are very important because they determine the type of services we deliver.


Step 1: Face-to-face meeting


The issues that we address include:


- Identification of the services required;

- An understanding of processes needed to deliver the services, in particular the transfer of financial data to our accountants, and instances where approvals are required;

- For clients without in-house software: an introduction to the Xero accounting software we use;

- For clients with in-house software: discussion of preferred remote access, for example through a secure, remote VPN connection;

- Form of outputs/ reporting and schedule for their production;

- Practical working arrangements, such as frequency of communication;

- Explanation of our contract and schedule.


We explain exactly what information and input we need from our clients in order for the process to run smoothly.


Step 2: Service specification


After the meeting, we will send:


- A process diagram, which sets out the processes we intend deliver, and responsibilities of both parties ;

- A contract with schedule that reflects the tasks, outputs and working arrangements discussed.


We are very happy exchange documents and iterate until we have mutually agreeable content.



For the provision of dedicated accountants there are two additional steps. These are not relevant to
start-ups and small businesses that require general accounting services.


Step 3. Matching accountant(s) to tasks


Once we have a full understanding of a client's requirements, we identify one or more dedicated accountants with the
appropriate skills and level of expertise required to deliver an efficient service. We send will make the necessary introductions and provide the accountant CV(s). Depending on the level of time input required, we may need 6 to 8 weeks to recruit a suitable candidate.


Step 4. Training and task transfer


Like any new member of staff, our dedicated accountant will need training in the use of in-house accounting software and computer systems. The training is provided remotely by our clients over the internet, using free communication and screen sharing software. We will help set up this application if it is unfamiliar.


The process of task transfer is usually carried out over a few weeks, under the supervision of our clients until our accountants are familiar with the in-house procedures.

Range of services

    Invoice processing
    General accounting and book keeping
    VAT declaration
    Management reporting

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