Our approach


We are a small, innovative organisation with a genuine belief in the value of the services we offer. Our approach is built around a combination of key features that benefit our clients.


We are professionals ...


  • - We take care to identify our clients' needs and to set out a clear process for delivery of our services before we enter into an agreement;
  • - We operate in real-time, not in annual cycles: our client's accounts are kept up to date on a regular basis, which means that they are always in control of their business finances;
  • - We have a clear pricing structure and monthly invoicing policy: there are no nasty surprises at the end of the year;
  • - We are driven by performance: we focus on achieving the highest standards of accuracy and reliability and have a commitment to continuous improvement;
  • - We are enthusiastic users of internet technology: for start-ups we use a live "cloud accounting" system (Xero) and for businesses with their own in-house software, we use high speed broadband and secure internet connections for remote data management, processing, protection and communication;
  • - We believe in the benefits of globalisation: with so many highly talented individuals based overseas, coupled with major advances in information and communication technology, we believe further integration of workforces across the globe is both desirable and inevitable.


    But we are also realists ...


When we talk about transferring work to India, people often think of their frustrating experiences with call centres. Our Indian team are not an anonymous voice at the end of the telephone. They are contactable, accessible, and there to provide expert advice, not to deal with administrative issues.


The standard of education and professionalism of accountants in India is extremely high, and the international standardisation of accounting procedures means that Indian qualifications and experience are appropriate for many accounting tasks in European countries.


We understand the challenge of working with other cultures. Our accountants live and work in the modern, westernised city of New Delhi, are fluent English speakers, and are dedicated to their profession. Nevertheless, differences exist, and these differences are reflected in the workplace.


Our honest and practical approach to problem-solving has been effective where difficulties arise. However, in our experience, difficulties are uncommon. We find that all our international colleagues, wherever they live and work, share the same desire to achieve high standards in business.


Range of services

    Invoice processing
    General accounting and book keeping
    VAT declaration
    Management reporting

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