Set up


There are a number of matters we discuss in detail with our clients before establishing a contractual relationship.


These include assessing the type of services required, data transfer and accounting processes and practical working arrangements.


Each of these matters is relatively simple to deal with, but because they affect the quality of service received, we spend time with our clients to make sure that we get it right.




From the perspective of our clients, the most important task is providing financial information to our accountants.


Then we can take responsibility. All data processing is carried out remotely. We contact our clients at agreed intervals, usually by Skype, to seek clarification and necessary approvals.


Our outputs will be produced at agreed times either on Xero or on a client's in-house accounting software ... to be reviewed when convenient.


Range of services

    Invoice processing
    General accounting and book keeping
    VAT declaration
    Management reporting

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Ethical outsourcing

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